NHRCI Certification

NHRCI Certification Overview

The NHRCI Certification programme is the first of its kind – global and local, dual HR Certification Programme comprising:   

  • the prestigious U.S based HRCI International Certification that features principles of HR and global best practices, and  
  • NHRC’s own in-house HR Certification programme, which outlines Malaysia’s relevant labour, employment, and business legislations. 


The programme offers three (3) accredited certifications based on the following levels;  

  • Beginner  
  • Intermediate  
  • Advanced  

These are geared towards strengthening the skills and proficiency of HR practitioners in Malaysia while elevating the profession as a whole.  


To be certified, applicants must meet the strict professional experience and learning requirements before undergoing related assessments 

Learn more about the benefits of the NHRCI Certification and get started by selecting taking the exam. This will help you identify the right certification level for your professional needs.   

 Whether you are an HR expert or just starting out, the NHRCI Certification has a set of credentials that are tailor-made for your level of knowledge and experience. 

This eight (8) day course helps you to identify key areas to focus on, capture key concepts and acquire the skills to answer exam questions.  

Comprehensive study material and online access to the learning system featuring interactive case studies will be made available to participants to help them get ready for the exam. A team of qualified trainers will also be on hand to provide any support that participants may need.  

Take an exam online from the comfort of your home or office and you are one step away from being validated for your expertise. Get connected to an exclusive network of motivated HR professionals in more than 100 countries and territories, and earn the recognition from your organisation and peers. 

To remain certified, participants must undergo recertification every three (3) years. This will help them stay current, and knowledgeable in each HR element, reflecting their commitment to continuing HR competence through the completion of professional development activities. It is also a way to demonstrate professional achievement by receiving recertification credits. 

Benefits and Value Propositions

HR professional certification is a great tool to empower employees of any organisation with knowledge on people planning and development. This can help them shape the long-term growth of the organisation with the right talents and people centric policies. 

  • HR practitioners in the country are not only exposed to global HR best practices, they will also learn more about local, state, and federal employment laws which play vital roles in HR.  
  • HR professionals will acquire in-depth knowledge and proficiency in a wide array of different statutory and regulatory authorities in order to effectively manage their day-to-day operation, and lawfully deal with employees, and other related stakeholders of the company. 
  • HR professionals have a great opportunity to be at the forefront of bringing about the latest trends and developments in their organisation by staying up to speed with relevant HR skills and knowledge.  
  • HR Professionals can become a more well-rounded and effective manager through the certification, which can ultimately act as a stepping stone to advance their careers.   

Employers shall gain certified HR professionals who are skilled and capable of applying HR best practices in the organisation. This can lead to the improvement of the companies’ overall performance, create an excellent work culture and develop progressive approaches to its workforce and stakeholders. 


1st intake for the programmes is in June 2021.