Our commitment to combat corruption starts with us. We invite you to join this initiative with us.
Integrity Pact

Internalising one of our four core values – Integrity, HRD Corp signed the Corporate Integrity Pledge with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in 2014, and introduced our own Integrity Pledge to all of our registered employers and training providers towards minimising and eradicating fraud as well as corruption.

We invite all of our registered employers and training providers to sign our the Integrity Pledge (downloadable below) to make a joint commitment with us to combat corruption in Malaysia.

This Policy sets out HRD Corp’s overall position on bribery and corruptions in all its forms.


This Policy is applicable to HRD Corp, its business associates acting on HRD Corp’s behalf, the Board of Directors and all HRD Corp personnel. Joint-venture companies in which HRD Corp is a non-controlling or co-venture and associated companies are encouraged to adopt this similar principle. External Providers also expected to comply with HRD Corp, or on HRD Corp’s behalf.


A Whistleblower Policy enables organisations to provide protection to the informant after they chose to make a disclosure to the Enforcement Agency. This protection includes maintaining information confidentiality of the informer, protecting them against harmful actions and providing them with immunity from civil or criminal actions that they may face after making said disclosure.

Harmful actions that an informant may face include:

  • Actions that cause injury loss or damage
  • Threats or harassment
  • Interference with the legal employment or livelihood of any person including discrimination, termination of service, demotion and so on.

Human Resource Development Corporation (HRD Corp) practices a strict NO GIFT POLICY to ensure the integrity and reputation of HRD Corp is protected at all times.

HRD Corp strives to accomplish the highest standards in conducting our business and delivering our services in line with our core values.

Action will be taken against those who violates this HRD CORP NO GIFT POLICY.