Facilitate career growth for Malaysian workers based on accredited standards.

Recognition of Prior Experiential Learning (RPEL)

RPEL is a scheme designed to enable Malaysian workers with secondary education or lower to be recognised for their current competencies in particular skill areas based on the standards determined by the Department of Skills Development (DSD) or any equivalent certificates in order to facilitate their career growth. RPEL is one the schemes that allocated under RMK12 funding.

  • Individuals with qualifications below diploma or Level 4 or its equivalent; and
  • Individuals who have relevant years of experience as determined by the relevant certification bodies.
  • Aged between 18-60 years old.

Types of Awarding Body

  • Pengiktirafan Pencapaian Terdahulu (PPT)
  • Certification body


  • Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia certification
  • Certificate issued by certification bodies


Application Process


Register as user

  • Log in to MySpike system
  • New application
  • Self assessment
  • Review by Department of Skills Development (DSD)
  • Payment of registration fees directly to Department of Skills Development (DSD)
Required document under Pengiktirafan Pertauliahan Terdahulu (PPT)

a. Application via system

Documents Required :

  • A copy of MyKad
  • A copy of Slip Permohonan SKM Secara PPT
  • Course Fee Details (Quotation)
b. Approval

c. Claim

  • Claim Form
  • Invoice (from appointed Pusat Bertauliah / Appointed Vendor)
  • Payment Voucher
  • JPK Certificate / Borang Permohonan Persijilan Kemahiran Malaysia
    Melalui Kaedah PPT JPK/PPT/3/5-2021 / Slip Pengesahan Persijilan from JPK
Required document under Certification Body

a. Application via system

Documents Required :

  • A copy of MyKad
  • Course Fee Details (Quotation)
  • Other necessary documents
b. Approval
c. Claim
  • Claim Form
  • Invoice (from appointed Pusat Bertauliah / Appointed Vendor)
  • Payment Voucher
  • Certificate issued by certification bodies


Roszall Beauty Academy
  • S960-0043:2021 Creative Make-up Artistry
  • MP-082-3:2011 Massage Therapy
  • S960-002-3:2020 Aesthetic Services
  • MP-060-4:2013 Aesthetic Therapy Supervision

Salinah Ali Awang
010-446 5530
[email protected]

Prudent Communication Sdn Bhd
  • SFB-025-4:2012 Pengurusan Pentadbiran

Hafiz Bin Ramley
012-955 8205
[email protected]

ATTC Training Centre Sdn Bhd
  • CM-060-03:2014 Water Treatment Operation Supervision
  • CM-021-03:2014 Water Distribution Supervision

Nita Purnamasari Binti Sabirin
012-351 0195
[email protected]

Nuvis Sabah Training &
Consultancy Sdn Bhd
  • HT090-3:2012 Hairdressing
  • S960-002-3:2020 Aesthetic Services
  • MP-080-3:2011 Ear, Hand & Foot Reflexology
  • MP-063-3:2012 Make-up Artistry

Ani Mohd Ridzuan
016-812 5696
[email protected]

Kosas Permodalan
(Akademi Profesional Kosas)
  • FB-011-3:2013 Operasi Penghantaran
  • FB-024-3:2012 Penyeliaan Pengurusan Pejabat
  • IT-030-3:2013 Perkhidmatan Rangkaian Komputer
  • IT-030-4:2013 Pentadbiran Rangkaian Komputer

Puan Chek An Binti Hashim
016-256 7429
[email protected]

Professional & Industrial
Academy Sdn Bhd
  • FB-018-3:2012 Operasi Jualan & Pemasaran
  • FB-018-4:2012 Pengurusan Jualan & Pemasaran
  • FB-081-4:2012 Pentadbiran Sistem Maklumat
  • N821-001-3:2020 Pentadbiran Pejabat

Roslina Binti Ismail
012-375 5001
[email protected]

Global Edu Resources Sdn Bhd
  • N821-001-3:2020 Office Administration
  • S960-004-2:2021 Make – up Artistry

Pn S.Kalaiwani Sorano @ Soranam
011-2664 7930
[email protected]

BETC Skills Academy Sdn Bhd
  • IL-012-3:2012 Warehouse & Distribution Service Operation

Raja Selan A/L Vadivaloo
012-763 3365
[email protected]

Beauty Pro Academy
  • MP-082-4:2012 Therapeutic Massage & Care
  • ET-012-3:2012 Preschool Teaching
  • T982-001-3:2017 Early Childhood Care and Development Education

Low Sow Leng
012-228 3398
[email protected]

Warisan Insyira Enterprise
  • MP-082-3:2011 Terapi Urut

Nur Insyira Hayati Masdol
011-5999 9796
[email protected]

Institut Latihan
Perindustrian Ipoh
  • F432-005-3:2019 Pemasangan & Penyelenggaraan Elektrik Tiga Fasa
  • F432-005-4:2019 Pemasangan & Penyelenggaraan Elektrik Voltan Rendah

Amir Syahrul Bin Abdullah
019-427 9789 [email protected]

Bracelian Beauty
Academy Sdn Bhd
  • MP-060-3:2013 Aesthetic Therapy Services

Komathy A/P Santhirasaygaran 016-652 0030 [email protected]

  • Application must be submitted by employers before / after assessment
  • Trainee Details
  • Name of Recognition Body
  • Fee Requested
  • Effective 1st August 2019, training programmes must commence within six (6) months from the date of training grant applications are made and training claim submissions must be made not more than six (6) months from the date the training programmes are completed.