OKU Talent Enhancement Programme (OTEP)
Assist Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in contributing to the development of human capital and the national economy, holistically.

OKU Talent Enhancement Programme (OTEP)

OTEP is designed to assist Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) in Malaysia with the right skills to secure job placements. This programme also aims to provide fair opportunities to the marginalised population, improve our society’s inclusivity, as well as to provide awareness and readiness to the community on acceptance of PWDs in the workplace.

HRD Corp Support:
✓ Funding for training courses with an average of RM2,000 per pax for a maximum of 3 days training
✓ Placement Job Training (PJT) allowance for RM500/RM600 per pax for up to 6 months (through HRD Levy)


Majikan & pekerja PKS Malaysia


Program yang disyorkan dalam Penilaian Kesediaan (RA).

If your company is interested in hiring Person with Disabilities (PWD), kindly submit the information here.

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