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Agency under the Ministry of Human Resources spreads festive joy by bringing free training opportunities and welfare aid to the local community.

Bukit Mertajam, 24 February 2024 – The Minister of Human Resources, Yang Berhormat (YB) Steven Sim Chee Keong, joined Human Resource Development Corporation (HRD Corp) to spearhead Karnival Latih MADANI and Program KESUMA MADANI at Dewan Ng Yam Huat, Bukit Mertajam, Penang, today.

Attended by more than 1,000 people from all over Penang, Karnival Latih MADANI (KLM) is aimed at engaging HRD Corp’s stakeholders, by providing them with upskilling and reskilling opportunities. KLM Penang is the first in a series of skills-based day planned throughout the country.

HRD Corp is heeding the call by the Minister of Human Resources, YB Steven Sim to expand its learning and development opportunities beyond levy payers to all Malaysians, particularly communities in need in rural areas and second cities outside Klang Valley. To that end, KLM is focused on two core priorities; introducing HRD Corp’s products and services to locals, and raising awareness on upcoming national scale upskilling initiatives such as the National Training Week (NTW) 2024 and Program Latihan MADANI (PLM).

HRD Corp and the Ministry also held the Program Kesuma MADANI CNY festivities at the same venue, which celebrates the local community with lou sang, and a delicious Chinese New Year spread. Program Kesuma MADANI is the Ministry’s anchor programme for community outreach and festivities across the country. To date, it has been held in Johor, Sarawak, Kuala Lumpur and Penang.

During his speech, YB Steven Sim said, “Although the globe is facing a slowing economy, Malaysia’s economy grew by 3.7%. At the same time, our country has managed to secure a total approved investment of RM329.5 billion last year, the highest recorded in the country’s history. This growth also translated to 127,000 new job opportunities for the people. I believe this is the joint-success obtained by the unity government and all Malaysians.”

“This year, the Ministry of Human Resources will go all out in our efforts to strengthen Malaysia’s human capital development efforts. This is our commitment to ensure the success of our 3K strategic mission, which is to take care of the welfare, expand skillsets and improve the productivity of our workers. To support this, the government has approved RM44 billion to help local companies, especially the SMEs to develop their infrastructure in order to move up the value chain through automation, digitalisation and other technologies. On the other hand, we have also allocated RM6.8 billion to increase the productivity of workers through TVET training. This is testament to the government’s commitment to help both employees and employers as both parties are closely intertwined.”

The Minister also stressed on the importance of unity among all Malaysians, regardless of background as it represents the strength of the country. He also hopes everyone will continue to preserve this spirt for the upcoming year.

In his speech, HRD Corp Chairman, Datuk Abu Huraira said, “Karnival Latihan MADANI is a platform that introduces our initiatives to the community. Through the KLM, HRD Corp wants to provide people with learning opportunities, fast-learning programmes and welfare aid. At the same time, it also acts as a bridge to strengthen the relationship between HRD Corp and its stakeholders. We are proud to start this in Penang, and we look forward to bringing KLM to more communities across the country soon.”

During the Carnival, HRD Corp also held several interesting activities such as Zumba, e-Sports Tournaments, exhibitions from various government agencies, and free training courses that include smart farming, flower arrangement, braille reading, makeup, and bakery.

HRD Corp also distributed assistance to underserved communities in Bukit Mertajam as part of its corporate social responsibility efforts, at the event. YB Steven Sim presented financial contributions amounting to RM15,000 to three welfare homes, Pusat Jagaan Sinar Ceria, Pertubuhan Kebajikan Kasih Ayah Bonda and Pusat Jagaan Rumah Sejahtera Permatang Tinggi. He also presented school supplies to 100 students within the Bukit Mertajam vicinity of Bukit Mertajam, to help them prepare for the upcoming school session in March.