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The evolving workforce structure and technological change demands stronger and more continuous connections between training and their respective outcomes. Redefining the training landscape by transforming the traditional training market into a ‘Contestable Training Market’ is required to support on-going learning innovation and quality.

There are three (3) main focus areas to achieve the desired Contestable Training Market :

  • Performance Based Contracting;
  • Transparent Criteria for Training Provider Accreditation; and
  • Information on Training Provider Performance and Quality.
Moving forward, HRD Corp has introduced the HRD Training Effectiveness Evaluation (HRD-TEE) to ensure continuous improvement of HRD Corp’s training courses and schemes/initiatives through a structured evaluation mechanism that can help in making learning and development more effective and efficient.

Evaluation Framework

The Evaluation Unit, Research and Development Department of HRD Corp has formulated the Evaluation Framework to enforce and expand the implementation of HRD-TEE.

Output and Outcome Assessment

HRD-TEE is a holistic approach in assessing specific measures for training courses and schemes/initiatives divided into two (2) different assessments: Output and Outcome. The higher the level, the more valuable the information and significance it has to the overall training courses and schemes/initiatives.

Output Assessment

It assesses the immediate reaction of trainees and is able to capture the training experience from trainees perspective. Issued to trainees on the final day of the course, it measures course quality, trainee’s learning experience towards the training delivery and resources, and customer service of the training provider through HRD Corp’s standardised Output Assessment.

Outcome Assessment

It is an overall result of the training implemented after a specific duration. It assesses the actual understanding and the usage/application after the training. Issued to trainees at least six (6) months after the course ended, it measures whether trainees have successfully achieved the desired objectives of a specific scheme/initiative through identified leading indicators/learning objectives.

Learning Outcomes must meet the SMART approach criteria, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-bound.


The benefits of this initiative are to:

  • Provide a convenient and flexible access to choose the right training, which most likely meet their needs; and
  • Enable employees to have better understanding and expectation towards the learning outcomes.
  • Provide an extensive market with wide range of training with course ratings
  • Provide consistent comparison across similar courses to make informed decisions when selecting a course; and
  • Develop analytics capability to assess Outcome of training investment.
Training Providers
  • Allow training providers to benchmark performance;
  • Identify areas for improvement for individual courses;
  • Enable training delivery improvement through consistent feedback;
  • Access to immediate feedback and recognition from participants; and
  • Develop analytics capability to assess Outcome of training investment.
Government, Associations and other stakeholders’ perspective  
  • Gain insights of overall performance benchmark of Training Industry in Malaysia; and
  • Develop analytics capability to assess Outcome of training investment

Progressive Rollout

The HRD-TEE will be rolled out progressively to all HRD Corp Strategic Initiatives and Operational Initiatives by the third quarter of 2020.

Phase 1 is a small-scale pilot implementation phase that has  commenced in the second quarter of 2019 that focuses on four (4) HRD Corp Strategic Initiatives Pillars namely Pre-Employment, Employment, Post-Employment and Learning Ecosystem and Landscape.

Phase 2 constitutes the expansion phase of the initiative. Nationwide HRD Corp stakeholders’ engagement is scheduled, starting from the third quarter until the end of 2019.

A manual implementation of this initiative begins on 1st November 2019. The data collection is in progress. We look forward to your continued feedback on the courses. This manual process is a temporary until HRD Corp completes the online assessment platform



For online learning, the use of any online assessment platform is allowed in order to 
distribute and collect the Output Assessment (OA) forms from trainees

Mandatory items to be included in the online assessment:

  • All questions from the existing Output Assessment form
  • Name and email address are made compulsory for trainees to fill in for verification purposes
  • An element of authentication (e.g. digital signature, declaration)


HRD Corp Output Assessment Form
HRD Corp Output Summary Template
HRD-TEE Guidelines