Our commitment to combat corruption starts with us. We invite you to join this initiative with us.

Integrity Pledge

Internalising one of our four core values – Integrity, HRD Corp signed the Corporate Integrity Pledge with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) in 2014, and introduced our own Integrity Pledge to all of our registered employers and training providers towards minimising and eradicating fraud as well as corruption.

We invite all of our registered employers and training providers to sign our the Integrity Pledge (downloadable below) to make a joint commitment with us to combat corruption in Malaysia.

Pembangunan Sumber Manusia Berhad Act, 2001 (PSMB Act, 2001)

The PSMB Act, 2001 is to provide for the imposition and collection of a human resources development levy for the purpose of promoting the training and development of employees, apprentices and trainees, the establishment and the administration of the Fund by the Corporation and for matters connected therewith.

PSMB Act & Regulations